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Our specialist Wills team offers a broad range of expertise for high net individuals no matter how complex. We are particularly well regarded for our expertise in cross-border issues for wills and international tax, succession and asset management matters.

We can offer you advice on matters such as inheritance tax, succession planning, capacity, trusts and international estates.

We know that clients often instruct us at difficult times to deal with sensitive matters and understand the importance of giving clear, timely and practical advice.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Making a Will is simple. There’s a few ways to do it:

      • By phone– call and speak to us
      • In person– come and speak to us in one of our national offices

    We recommend our postal service if your estate is relatively straightforward. If you have more complex requirements, or you would like to talk about tax-planning or asset protection options such as setting up a trust, we advise speaking to us on the phone or coming in to see one of our experts.

    Call us today for an initial consultation on 0333 3445 548

    • This depends on your requirements and the complexity of your estate. Standard Wills offered cost:
      • £175 for a single Will
      • £250 for ‘mirror’ Wills (for couples – if your needs are very similar).

    For both these services there may be additional costs if you need more complex advice. We would let you know about these before drafting your Will.

    If you prefer a more personal service by meeting with us or discussing your Will on the phone you can set up an appointment with our solicitors. The fees for this service are:

    • From £395 for a single Will
    • From £495 for ‘mirror’ Wills
    • From £150 for codicils (an addition that explains, modifies or revokes part of a Will).

    Larger and more complex estates will need more dedicated legal advice to. For this we ensure your wealth is structured in the most tax-efficient way recommend coming into our offices to speak with one of our experts in person.

    To set up an appointment in person or over the phone call us on 0333 3445 548.

    Everyone’s circumstances are different, but some of the things to consider when making a Will are:

      • The value of your estate – inheritance tax (IHT) is generally due on anything over the £325,000 threshold (£650,000 for married couples and civil partners) once mortgage and other debts are deducted
      • A new IHT allowance of £125,000 may apply if you own a property and leave some of your estate to relatives like children and grandchildren.
      • How you own your assets – if you co-own property with your spouse, the type of tenancy you have will affect whether or not they can continue to live there after your death
      • Who you want to leave your assets to (i.e. your beneficiaries)
      • Who you would like to be the executors of your estate
      • Whether some assets would be best placed in a trust for asset protection purposes.

    These are important decisions to make and you should seek legal advice to make sure your estate is structured in the best way for you and your beneficiaries.

    Read through our guide to Wills to see if you have everything covered.

    Yes we can. Our storage facility ensures your Will is kept secure. It also means it is easily accessed after your death, giving you peace of mind and making things easier for your loved ones.

    Having an up-to-date Will is essential to make sure your plans for your estate reflect your current situation and include everyone you want to include.

    Its good practice to recheck your Will every five years, especially to make sure it takes into account any changes in tax regulations that might affect you.

    You should also review your Will following major life changes, for example if:

    • You get married or divorced
    • Any of your beneficiaries get married or die
    • New children or grandchildren are born who you want to inherit
    • There is a significant change in your financial circumstances
    • You come into any inheritance – this could change the value of your estate and the Inheritance Tax payable

    Yes – we can help you write a new will or add a codicil to your existing will. A codicil is an addition to a Will that can amend or revoke parts of it. It can be enough if there are just one or two small changes, but if you need any substantial revisions it’s better to write a new Will to avoid confusion.

    Many people assume that getting divorced cancels out any Will they made during their marriage. This is not the case, however, failing to update your Will following a divorce could have serious consequences for your estate.