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Going through a separation or a divorce presents a unique set of challenges. Not only are you facing the re-organisation of your life (and your family’s), but also dealing with the legalities of a divorce and potentially having to find and buy a new property to live in. It’s an emotionally charged time for all involved, and often a period of high stress.

Finding a new home, a nest where we feel safe and comforted, is the foundation to rebuild our life. However, as we all know, finding the right property can be very time and energy consuming. It is also important to remember that estate agents work for and represent the interests of their client (the seller), not yours. Therefore, make sure you always seek proper and independent advice surrounding your property purchase. Today, there is the option to work with a buying agent who will represent your interests only and streamline the whole process on your behalf. Your legal team will be able to recommend a trusted buying agent to support you.

The very first step of the process is to put together a detailed brief on your new home requirements. Your brief will be the foundation of your property search so it’s important to get it right. You’ll need to consider the location (proximity to children’s school or your place of work, etc.), type and size of property, specifications, as well as your budget. Once the brief is in place your buying agent will then conduct a complete market search for the homes that best suit your new needs and future lifestyle.

They will engage with every single estate agent in your pre-determined search area to identify all properties matching your requirements. They will also uncover any off-market homes that are not for sale on the open market. A fully independent buying agent will have access to the entire market, increasing the probability of finding what you are looking for. From the search results, you’ll agree a shortlist of your top properties, they’ll organise a viewing schedule to suit your availability and accompany you to fully appraise each property together, giving you all the information and tools needed to make that important decision. Once you’ve chosen your favourite property, your buying agent will use their expertise and market knowledge to negotiate on your behalf and secure your new home at the best price, saving you as much money as possible.

Finding the right property at the right price is only one aspect of the process. You’ll also need a conveyancing lawyer, a surveyor, removals, and potentially an interior designer and contractors. Your buying agent can recommend you trusted experts for you to choose from, and they’ll co-ordinate with all parties to oversee the purchase process safely through to completion, saving you stress, time and hassle.

As buying agents with years of experience of helping clients who are going through a separation or divorce to find a new home, we understand how emotionally draining the situation can be. Buying a new home is only one aspect of this life change, but it shouldn’t be a source of additional stress and anxiety. Instead, it can be a time for positivity and excitement towards a new beginning.