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Our specialist advisors work hard to understand our clients and their requirements and aspire to build long-term relationships. We want to enable you to have a contract that works for you and adds value to your business. We are well-known for providing high-quality, cost-effective advice when preparing and negotiating contracts.

Our team has extensive knowledge and has worked with various companies of varying sizes, from large organisations to SME’s and start-up businesses.

It is vital that you have proper contracts and agreements in place that you clearly understand and know how to implement to not only protect your business but to save time and money on avoidable disputes.

Business Contracts FAQ

What makes an oral or written contract legally binding?

A contract is a legally enforceable agreement that gives certain rights and responsibilities to those that agree to their terms.

Contract formation is a practical question and is often determined by analysing the parties’ prior negotiations (such as email chains).

A summary of the essential elements to be established for contract formation in English law is as follows:

  • Offer – a specific promise forming the basis of the agreement without further negotiation.
  • Acceptance – must be final and communicated to the other party.
  • Consideration – a form of payment regardless of type or amount.
  • Intention to create legal relations – usually presumed in commercial arrangements and proven through signature by both parties for written agreements.
  • Certainty of terms – the agreement is not vague or lacking in essential terms.
Can I sign a written contract electronically?
Yes. English law allows for e-signatures of all complexities to be used as the basis for entry into a contract with equal treatment to execution by wet-ink signature, as long as the signatory intends for the e-signature to authenticate the document.
My terms of business are online only; how do I ensure customers agree to them?
The essential elements of contract formation also apply to terms of business displayed on your website or app. Importantly, your customers must be given the opportunity to accept or decline the terms, for example, by completing a tick box and clicking a button.

Additional requirements as to the type and amount of information to be included in the terms of business will vary depending on whether you are engaging consumers or businesses.

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