Pre-nuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with one-fifth of couples registering a prenup before marriage. However, only some get around to thinking about a prenup or realise they need one after marriage. For this, a postnup agreement is recommended. Like a prenup, the agreement is not legally binding but would be considered by a court should it be drawn up correctly and fairly.

But who is a postnup for?

You didn’t get around to organising a prenup.
Planning a wedding can be a busy time for a couple. If you didn’t get around to speaking to a lawyer before the big day and would like to protect your assets in the event of a marital split.

You made a prenup and need to change the content.

The content of a prenup can’t be amended or changed after marriage. However, you will need a postnup agreement if your circumstances change and you need to update it.

You recently inherited a large sum of money.

If you have received a large bequest or gift, a postnup can ensure you benefit solely from this amount if your marriage breaks down. Without a postnup, all assets in a marriage become joint assets.

You feel the need to protect your assets.

A postnup can help in many situations, whether you want to safeguard your new or existing business or investments, you want to protect your assets for children from previous marriages, or you simply want to plan ahead.

You realise that you now need one.

A prenup is made before marriage, and it can be difficult to know the details or what may happen in the future. A postnup is made after a wedding allowing the couple to make more informed decisions about circumstances.

If any of these situations resonate with you, our team of experienced lawyers would be happy to advise you. The process is easy and is completed relatively quickly. You can read more about the process here.