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If you or a family member has an immigration problem, we can solve it.

Radshaw Solicitors are specialists in all areas of Immigration Law with 10 years experience. We have a team of highly experienced immigration lawyers who are ready to provide you with first class quality, cost effective advice.

We undertake a full range of privately funded immigration work, including:

EEA (EU) applications

Spousal visas

Family visas

Long-term residency and discretionary Leave to Remain

Student visas

Business visas and company transfers

Self Employed/business representative visas

Tourist visas

Artist and Performer Visas

All forms of immigration appeals, statutory reviews and judicial review cases

If you wish to contact one of our experienced immigration lawyers in order to discuss your problem and get an expert view on the merit of your case, please email or telephone us directly. If, after speaking with us, you decide that you want to pursue an application we will then give you clear honest advice about the potential costs in making your application on a privately funded basis. Radshaw Solicitors work on a fixed fee basis wherever possible.

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    Yes. We frequently assist clients who are living overseas and who are planning a return to the UK with their non EEA/British family members. As immigration law is the same throughout the UK, we regularly assist clients living in all parts of the United Kingdom.

    Your first consultation will take place with an experienced immigration solicitor. The initial consultation is in many ways a diagnostic consultation and meeting with someone very experienced from the outset means that we can ensure that every angle of your case is looked at. The person that you initially meet with will lead your case with other team members assisting where appropriate.

    We cannot guarantee that a visa will be granted, as the decision lies with the Home Office decision-maker. However, we can ensure that with careful preparation and attention to detail, we maximise the chances of success in your case.

    Not every immigration refusal decision will carry a right of appeal to the immigration Court, but where it does we can assist you.

    You do not need to use a lawyer to make the application. However, we would strongly recommend that for all but the very simplest of immigration applications, that legal representation is sought from the outset.

    Instructing a solicitor at the initial application stage will maximise your chance of a successful application and save you a great deal of time, expense and stress in the long run.

    The firm prides itself in providing clients with fixed fees for all personal immigration applications and immigration appeals. This gives our clients peace of mind about what the fees are going to be. We will be clear on our fees from the outset and there will be no hidden costs.

    For business immigration clients, we offer fixed fees also in the vast majority of cases. Where we cannot offer fixed fees we will be able to provide an estimate of costs.

    We do offer a free 15 minute initial consultation to establish your needs. You can contact us on 0333 3445 548 to book a consultation.